Apartments in the heart of Berlin.

Prenzlauer Berg
Bureau Navalis Appartement 2 02

32 qm

Renovated old building

  • first floor, tranquil
  • 1 large room (Sleeps 3)
  • kitchen, shower and WC
Bureau Navalis Appartement 4 04

88 qm

Renovated old building

  • 3 rooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms
  • 4 single beds
  • 4 couches (width 1,40 m each)
Bureau Navalis Appartement 5 05

74 qm

Renovated old building

  • 4th floor
  • 2 living rooms
  • sleeping couch, single beds
Bureau Navalis Appartement 6 06

40 qm

Renovated old building

  • Living-/Sleepingroom
  • Sleeping sofa
  • Large kitchen
Bureau Navalis Appartement 7 07

46 qm

Renovated old building

  • 1 room, kitchen, shower and WC
  • 2 single beds (can easily be joined)
  • 1 couch (width 1,40 m)
Bureau Navalis Appartement 10 10

54 qm

Renovated old building

  • 2 rooms, kitchen, shower and WC
  • 4 single beds (living-/bedroom)
  • 1 couch (width 1,40 m)

An island.


Berlin Scenery district

Prenzlauer Berg.

An island
In this fast-moving district

At Prenzlauer Berg you are staying in an exclusive location at the very heart of the city of Berlin.

The most varied people are to be found: artists, workers, students, as well as professionals and government.

Even during the times of the GDR this little district somehow managed to rest unobserved by the almighty, omnipresent government control. Prenzlauer Berg was the loophole in the communist system, a haven for those unwilling to go along with it.

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Winsviertel
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Schönhauser Allee

The Bötzowviertel is part of the Prenzlauer Berg and is characterized by houses in the style of the turn of the century. Here there are a large number of old apartments with stucco.

Prenzlauer Berg

Around Kollwitzplatz and Kollwitzstraße there are many nice cafes and restaurants.

Go shopping.
Prenzlauer Berg

During a walk through the neighborhood you can discover many small shops, to present you lovingly unusual and creative.

Prenzlauer Berg

There is a lot to discover in the Prenzlauer Berg: the culture brewery, the Pfefferberg or the Zeiss Planetarium.

The location of our apartments.

Prenzlauer Berg
Bureau Navalis Appartement 1
  • Apartment 02 | 32qm
  • Esmarchstraße | 10407 Berlin
  • Bötzowviertel, tranquil and economical
  • Alexanderplatz ca. 10min (Tram)
  • P Public parking for charge
  • Remote station | 25min
  • Airport with express bus | 50min
  • Tram M4 | Hufelandstr. | 300m