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Snapshots of Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg and the holiday apartments

Holiday Lodgings in Berlin's
Prenzlauer Berg: Guest Rooms, Holiday Apartments

Welcome to Bötzowviertel, an island in this lively, fast-moving district where the most varied people are to be found: artists, workers, students, as well as professionals and government.

At Prenzlauer Berg you are staying in an exclusive location at the very heart of the city of Berlin. During the last decade it has been gorgeously restored so that one finds again those attractive middleclass, late19th / early 20th century apartment houses with their bay windows and decorative turrets. Even during the times of the GDR this little district somehow managed to rest unobserved by the almighty, omnipresent government control. Prenzlauer Berg was the loophole in the communist system, a haven for those unwilling to go along with it.

You’ll be delighted with our centrally located, tranquil and economical guest rooms and holiday apartments in Berlin!

Guest Rooms and Holiday Apartments in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg
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